eCannon tennis ball machine


The eCannon is a starter ball machine for groundstroke and volley practice.  It throws all balls with topspin (like all one-wheel tennis machines) and therefore is not recommended for beginners.

Simple Operation

Just choose Level 1, 2 or 3 (Level 1 is slowest) on the control panel and push the power switch on.  The eCannon sets the ball speed, ball trajectory, and interval between shots appropriate for a groundstroke at that setting.


  • 70 Ball Capacity – one standard pick-up basket full.
  • Top Ball Speed – 45 MPH on Level 3 setting.
  • Start-up Time Delay – Allows the player time to get to the other side of the net before balls begin shooting.
  • Rechargeable Battery – Built-in battery typically provides two hours of playing time per charge.
  • Smart Battery Charger – Fully charges the battery overnight and shuts off automatically to prevent over-charging.
  • Built-in carrying handle

eCannon on Level 2 setting with eCannon Oscillator accessory


  • eCannon Oscillator – Sits underneath the eCannon. It moves continuously back and forth to change the side-to-side position of the ball throws. ($120)

eCannon Oscillator

Ball capacity 70 Balls
Ball speeds

(B, I, A)


20 MPH, 35 MPH, 45 MPH


(B, I, A)


4-1/4 secs, 3-1/2 secs, 3 secs

Ball Trajectory Automatic:

with 2 alternate manual settings

Playing time  2 hours
Dimensions 13″L  x 11″W x 25″H
Weight  23 pounds

Specifications subject to change without notice.ball2


eCannon is backed by a three year warranty covering both parts and labor.


Models & Prices

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