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ProLite / ProLite Plus / ProLite Ultra

The ProLite is a full-featured ball machine, yet it stands only 12 inches tall and weighs less than 30 pounds. The ProLite Plus model adds topspin capability plus a higher top speed and a larger battery. The ProLite Ultra model includes variable Topspin/Underspin, Electronic Elevation with Bar Graph Display, 2-Line oscillator feature, four Preset Shots and two Preset Drills, plus optional Multi-function remotes.



  • Ball Speed – Up to 60 MPH (ProLite) / 75 MPH (Plus).
  • Ball Feed – Adjustable from one ball every 1-1/2 secs. (for quick-reaction volleys) to every 10 seconds.
  • Manual Elevation Control – Ball trajectory is manually adjustable from groundstroke to lob.
  • Ball Capacity – 125 (ProLite) /110 (Plus)
  • Rechargeable Battery – Built-in battery provides up to 3 hours (ProLite) / 4 hours (Plus) of playing time per charge. Even more playing time is available with an optional External Battery Pack.
  • Smart Battery Charger – Fully charges the battery overnight and shuts off automatically to prevent over-charging.
  • Start-up Time Delay – Allows the player time to get to the other side of the net before balls begin shooting.
  • Oscillator – Delivers shots randomly across the court for hitting on the run. Optional(ProLite)/Included(Plus).
  • Available AC-powered instead of battery-powered.
    Check ‘AC ONLY option’ in cart ($20)
  • Built-in towing handle and wheels.  ProLite handle folds.


The ProLite Plus makes hitting against topspin as easy as pushing a button. Just push the TOPSPIN button ‘ON’ to automatically add a medium amount of topspin to all shots.

ProLite Plus control Panel – Click image to enlarge


Two-button wireless remote – Starts and stops ball delivery, and controls side-to-side position of the ball throws. ($200 )



The ULTRA model includes all the features of the PLUS model and:

  • Four PRESET shots: Topspin, Slice, Moonball, Lob. All PRESET shots are customizable so you can modify the speed, spin, elevation and interval. Your modified settings will be automatically stored.
  • Two pre-programmed DRILLS: (15 FH – 15 BH) – Shoots 15 medium-paced shots to the forehand side, then 15 to the backhand side, then repeats. (10 U – 10 F – 10 T) – Shoots 10 shots with underspin, then 10 flat shots with no spin, then 10 shots with topspin, then repeats. All shots in both DRILLS are customizable.
  • ELECTRONIC ELEVATION with a BAR GRAPH DISPLAY shows the elevation setting on the control panel so you can set it to your favorite spot before firing any balls.
  • RANDOM and 2-LINE oscillator features are standard.

ProLite Ultra control Panel – Click image to enlarge


Multi-Function Remotes – Wireless control of all functions just like you were using the actual control panel. The layout of the buttons on the remotes is almost identical to the layout of the buttons on the control panel, so there is nothing new to learn. There are two Multi-Function Remote choices.

•  FM Multi-Function Remote – Small handheld unit. ($300)

•  Phone Multi-Function Remote – Requires free App download. Available for both Apple and Android phones. Automatically connects instantly via bluetooth with no need for a wireless broadband connection. If this option is purchased a bluetooth receiver is installed in the machine.

Ultra Multi-Function remotes– Click image to enlarge

Trajectories Groundstroke to lob
Ball ejection speed ProLite 10-60 MPH

ProLite Plus 10-75 MPH

Ball feed rate 1.5 to 10 sec.
Oscillator ProLite Optional

ProLite Plus Included

Playing time (Battery Model) ProLite 2 to 3 hours 

ProLite Plus 3 to 4 hours

Ball capacity:
ProLite 125 Balls
ProLite Plus 110 Balls
Spin Capability:
ProLite Flat
ProLite Plus Flat or Topspin
Dimensions (closed):
ProLite 12″H x 19.5″L x 18″W
ProLite Plus 20“H x 22″L x 14″W
Weight (with Battery):
ProLite 29 pounds
ProLite Plus 38 pounds
Weight (AC Model):
ProLite 22 pounds
ProLite Plus 27 pounds
3 yrs machine 1 yr battery

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Tennis Tutor ProLite /ProLite Plus /ProLite Ultra is backed by a three year warranty covering both parts and labor. Extended warranties available.


Models & Prices

Tennis Tutor ProLite –  $949      add to cart

Tennis Tutor ProLite – w/oscillator $1,049      add to cart

Tennis Tutor ProLite Plus – w/oscillator $1,239 add to cart

Tennis Tutor ProLite Ultra – $1,699 add to cart